How to Become a Better Writer

It might seem like you’re either born a good writer or you’re not so fortunate. The truth is, most good writers spend years honing their skills. Almost all your favorite books were written, rewritten, reviewed, edited, and rewritten again. Writing is hard, and don’t let anyone lead to believe otherwise. So, this leads to the question: How does one become a better writer?


Just like any other skill, you cannot get better at writing without first doing it a lot. I mean, a lot. To continue progressing, you should aim to write a little bit every day. This means even when you don’t feel like it, you should be writing. The more you do something, the more it becomes second-nature. The more you produce, the better the outcome. For example, the hit singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran once said that he writes a lot of bad songs every day to get one good song. The same goes for any kind of writing.


Writing is like a sport––you have to study it to be good. Read and reread your favorite books. Study how your favorite authors write. By doing this, it’s like having them as your personal mentor. By constantly reading, you’re soaking in what works and what doesn’t. Pick up a pencil and write notes while you read. This will make you more conscious of storyline, structure, dialogue, and pace in your own writing.

Use your resources

There are so many books out there for authors, some of them written by authors. Listed below are a couple resources to start with.  A good editor is also a great resource. We spend our days studying what makes a good book, and we’re always happy to help you improve as a writer.

On Writing by Stephen King

Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Browne & Dave King

Write for you

When you’re writing a story, don’t spend time worrying about what readers will want. Write the story you want to read, and chances are other people will want to read it too.