INDIE SPOTLIGHT: "Desperate Forest" by Cece Louise

Genres: Medieval, Fantasy, YA, Romance 

For ages: 12-16

Desperate forest.jpg

If you’re like me, sometimes you’re in the mood for some good ol’ fashioned romance. I’m not talking about romance. I mean the girl-meets-boy-fall-in-love-save-the-kingdom-along-the-way type romance. I’m also always on the lookout for books I’m comfortable recommending to younger audiences (16 and younger) and don’t feature adult language and themes. I’m not sure why it has been such a challenge to find “clean” YA books, but here we are. 

Desperate Forest by Cece Louise meets all those requirements. Not only is this a classic princess story, but the princess is also kind of awesome. She saves herself, her friends, and her kingdom. And, of course, there’s some romance along the way. 

In Desperate Forest, Princess Roselyn has fled her home after finding out that her uncle is plotting to murder her for the throne. She finds herself traversing a dangerous forest in order to reach her betrothed, and hopefully defeat her uncle with her fiancé's backing. However, the forest proves to be more challenging than she expects. Soon, she finds herself in the company of a group of travelers with questionable pasts––pasts that are more connected to her own than she realizes. 
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, its twists, and its characters. I’m excited to see what Cece has in store next, and I hope she continues on her path of writing clean YA. Go ahead and pick up a copy of Desperate Forest from Amazon for your favorite teen.