Why self-publishing authors need an editor.

So, you wrote a book. What’s next?

 I view the editing process kind of like spring cleaning. You’ve been holed up writing––sure it’s cozy, and you probably straightened up a little bit as you went along––but now it’s time to get down to business. Editing your own work is always an option, but consider a couple reasons you might want to hire an editor.

You’re too close to the story

 Sometimes (all the time), it’s good to get an outside perspective on things. Fresh eyes are going to catch the grammatical errors and inconsistencies that you would have looked over. As an editor, I serve the reader first. You know your story. The reader does not yet. I want to make sure your story gets to the reader as clearly as possible.

We know our stuff

Editing includes more than spelling and grammar. Editors study what makes a good book good.  You’d be surprised how much editing goes into some of your favorite novels. I’m not here to berate your spelling and grammar. But I will make sure no embarrassing mistakes get through to print. I’m not here to tell you how to write your story, but I have read a lot about telling stories, and I can give you suggestions on how to improve on your already awesome one.

 Consider an editor your book’s best friend. We have the same goal, and it’s to make your story as amazing as it can be.