Note: Editing takes many different forms. The level of editing your project needs could vary. Rates will be set before the project begins, after discussing them with you and reviewing your manuscript. All rates are according to those recommended by the Editorial Freelance Association. Keep in mind that one manuscript page is 250 words.

With a manuscript evaluation, I will carefully read your manuscript and give notes on what your strengths and weaknesses are. I will then craft a letter with my recommendations on how to best proceed in the editing process. The goal of an evaluation is to give the writer a better understanding of his or her own writing. Contact for rates.

Manuscript evaluation

Light copyedit

Correct any indisputable grammar and syntax issues, ignore any that are not an outright error. Check content is logical and in order. Point out paragraphs that would benefit from revision, and ask for clarification on things that are potentially confusing to readers. Query factual inconsistencies and statements that seem incorrect. Contact for rates.

Medium copyedit

Correct all grammar, syntax, and usage errors. Point out wordy paragraphs and suggest revisions. Point out and suggest revisions for gaps in logic and storyline flaws. Look up and verify any facts that seem uncertain. Query author on any facts that cannot be verified. Contact for rates.

Correct all grammar, syntax, and usage errors. Rewrite wordy patches in text. Verify any facts that seem to be incorrect and revise accordingly. Query or fix gaps in organization and logic. Much more substantial edit, best for writing that has not gone through any revision process yet. Contact for rates.

Heavy copyedit

The last stage of the editing process before publishing. Check text for typographical errors and ensure all revisions made previously have translated to final text. Point out any glaring grammar or spelling issues. Minimal revisions in all. Contact for rates.